Frequently Asked Questions

The Entertainment Tent

What does the Florida Strawberry Festival® provide?

Where is the backstage Entrance?

The entrance is located just past the Gate 8a entrance to the left. Performers will be granted access to the backstage area 15 minutes prior to their showtime.

When may my group come backstage to change?

Your group will be granted backstage access 15 minutes prior to your show time. Please come dressed for your performance. If you arrive early and need to change there are public restrooms available for your use. Backstage entrance and changing room access will not be granted early.

Is it ok to come backstage during another show?

NO! Backstage access is prohibited until you are invited back by the Stage Manger prior to your show.

Who do I check in with?

Please check in with the Stage Manager 20 minutes before your showtime at the backstage entrance gate.

How do we access the stage?

The stage may be accessed through the Backstage area only. We have 2 backstage entrances to the stage for your use. Located on the North and South side of the stage. Performers may not come in out and out of the front curtains for any reason. This includes Instructors, Parents, Chaperones. The side curtains may not be used at any time. This is a distraction to the audience and a safety concern for the children performing.

When may I speak with the Sound Technician?

You will be introduced to the Sound Tech at your backstage entrance time. Keep all music with you until your backstage entrance time. DO NOT hand music, speak with, or introduce yourself to the Sound Technician until you are granted access to the backstage area.

The show they are working on needs their full attention. If you have questions you need answers to before the show, please ask for the Stage Manager at the backstage entrance gate. Someone will locate them for you.

If you speak with the Sound technician prior to your backstage entrance time your show may be canceled. The Stage Manager is there for your questions and or concerns. We will be happy to help you as quickly as possible.

Where is the dressing room and when may I use it?

There is one large dressing room back stage. You will have use of the dressing room 15 minutes prior to your performance and 15 minutes after the performance has ended (if you end on time). Boys and Girls may not use the same dressing room. Boys may not change backstage unless you bring with you a standalone dressing room for the male performer to use.

Open-air costume changes are prohibited. Make sure you come dressed for your performance. If you have quick changes be sure to wear undergarments such as nude leotards for girls or for boys shorts that may be worn under their costumes. We care about the safety of each performer and we also realize that as this is an open-air event sometimes a little extra care is needed.

Are there any limitations I should know about?

We are limited on performance/setup/tear down time. The following rules must be adhered to:

  1. 15 minutes to load in/set up

  2. 30 minutes to perform

  3. 15 minutes to tear down and exit

If your group is not able to perform within these time constraints this would not be the correct venue for you.

Where should my group wait until it is time to come backstage?

Keep your group together plan on meeting outside of the tent entrance on the north side of the tent. You may also wait inside the tent if you would like. Please keep in mind if a show is going on that you should watch and not talk loudly during the other show. Give the performer on stage the same respect your will want during your show.

Can we bring food and drinks backstage and onstage?

You may bring WATER backstage and on stage during your show. No food is allowed back stage during your showtime or inside the dressing area.

Can you hold my equipment/props before or after the show?

The Florida Strawberry Festival® does not provide a private or locked area for your valuables, personal items, props, band equipment etc. The Florida Strawberry Festival® holds no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. You must keep all equipment/personal items with you until your backstage entrance time.

Is there anything else I should know?

Have Fun! Enjoy your show and have a great rest of your day at the Florida Strawberry Festival®! If you have more questions, please email me at . We will answer your questions with in 48 hours.

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