Event Alterations Notice

Due to the ongoing pandemic, alterations have been made in order to prevent the spread of viral infectious diseases. As always, we believe the health of every performer is paramount and want everyone to stay at their best whilst sharing their talents with us this year. Please carefully read the information below:

At this time temperature checks will be required before entering the Florida Strawberry Festival® grounds. For those with a temperature at or above 100.4° (F) entry will not be permitted.

A 6 ft. distance will be required between all individuals within the backstage area.

A facial covering will be required by all individuals on the Florida Strawberry Festival® grounds. Those performing on stage may remove this covering but will be required to put it back on after exiting the stage.

Due to the nature of this pandemic, the information above is subject to change at any time. If further alterations occur, they will be communicated through the Public Release page at https://theetent.com and the email associated with your confirmation.

This year, we are requiring liability waivers for all performers. Further details will be provided after submitting your confirmation of placement.

For health & security reasons the Florida Strawberry Festival® has limited the amount of individuals in the backstage area to a maximum of 30 persons. This includes show directors, performers, and designated chaperones. Capacity restrictions will be strictly enforced. Parents of minors may drop performers off with a designated chaperone stationed at the entrance of the backstage area. Parents that are not designated chaperones may not enter or remove performers from the backstage area at anytime unless authorization from a designated chaperone and the stage management team has been given.

To further ensure backstage safety & security, show directors & designated chaperones will be required to have identification badges clearly displayed on their person with their  first & last name, group name/logo, and, designated title of purpose for backstage access given the capacity restriction listed above has not already been met. Individuals without proper identification badges will not be permitted to access the backstage area.

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