Schedule of Events

Welcome to the Stingray Chevrolet Entertainment Tent

Thursday March 4th

Time Featuring
12:00 PM Klassic Kountry Kloggers
2:00 PM Strawberry Pie on a Stick Eating Contest
3:00 PM James A Williams
5:00 PM Jordan Denise Williams
6:00 PM Dance Connection
7:00 PM Dance Connection

Friday March 5th

Time Featuring
12:00 PM Amish Donut Eating Contest
5:00 PM Jess Pacheco
6:00 PM Julestarz Academy
7:00 PM Julestarz Academy

Saturday March 6th

Time Featuring
11:00 AM Gibsonia Baptist Church
2:00 PM Youth Strawberry Stemming Contest
4:00 PM Khloe Grace
6:00 PM Leonard's Academy of Dance
7:00 PM Leonard's Academy of Dance

Sunday March 7th

Time Featuring
11:00 AM The Celebration Singers
2:00 PM Entertainment Revue
3:00 PM Team On Pointe
4:00 PM Rhythm and Sole Tap Ensemble
5:00 PM Marissa Peddie
6:00 PM Buckshot Cloggers
7:00 PM Patriots Twirling Corps

Monday March 8th

Time Featuring
11:00 AM Progress Village Middle Advanced Women's Chorus
1:00 PM The Grand Parade
5:00 PM Strawberry Spaghetti Eating Contest
6:00 PM Drawdy's Dance School
7:00 PM Drawdy's Dance School

Tuesday March 9th

Time Featuring
2:00 PM Adult Strawberry Stemming Contest
6:00 PM Academy of Dance Dynamics
7:00 PM Clogging Connection

Wednesday March 10th

Time Featuring
11:00 AM Project Entertainment
1:00 PM Mega Corndog Eating Contest
6:00 PM ND Studio
7:00 PM ND Studio

Thursday March 11th

Time Featuring
12:00 PM John Summerall
2:00 PM Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest
3:00 PM John Summerall

Friday March 12th

Time Featuring
3:00 PM Strawberry Mashed Potato Easting Contest
5:00 PM Ashley Rose Kent
6:00 PM Sophia
7:00 PM Brenna Stross

Saturday March 13th

Time Featuring
12:00 PM Orlando Cloggers
2:00 PM United We Dance
3:00 PM Lake Alfred Dance Center
5:00 PM Moriah Ruth
6:00 PM Brilliance

Sunday March 14th - Last Day

Time Featuring
2:00 PM Edgez Dance Performing Team
4:00 PM Judy's Dance Academy